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Usually our prices are the lowest on the Web; when this is not the case, we are happy to give full c product. Please send the d transaction back and we will credit your account for the full amount. Click on the e invoices below for the return address. Customer Service Department www. Talk about the different stages in the discussion, and if and what you eventually agreed. Use the words and the expressions in the box to help you. Then, with a partner, compare your answers; tell your partner if you think their answer is right or not.

What do you say if a customer asksfor a discount? What do you recommend doing if a customer is angry? What would you do if a customer injured her foot by dropping weight training equipment on it? II What do you suggest doing if a customer asks you for your personal phone number? Grammar and practice page IJ What would you do if a customer complained about your attitude? ED What do you recommend if a customer brings back a set of golf clubs and demands a refund?

IE What would you do if you saw a customer steal some expensive running shoes? EEl What do you do if the item the customer wants is out of stock? ED What will you say if a customer asks why your prices are higher than online stores?

Em What would you do if a customer left their credit card in the store? Reformulating o Reformulate these sentencesusing the words in bold. I would certainly recommend it, providing it was a good career move and, personally, I would suggestgoing to an English-speaking country. What do you think? Would you recommend that people work part-time?

How would you advise a manager who wants to be popular? What do you suggest young people do to become millionaires? Jan and Petra, are negotiating a list of responsibilities they have to share. Listen and write J Jan or P Petra next to the points they agree on. Did you win or lose the negotiation? Is there always a winner and a loser?

How does Harry intend to deliver products? How will Holman Multimedia charge for their services? What are the advantages for Harry of working with Holman Multimedia? What is the next step? What important mistake does Harry make?

Then listen again and checkyour answers. I might considerreducingthe price if you increasedyour order. Compromising Would you agreeto a compromise? Firmoffers I am readyto signa contracttoday if you canguaranteethe price for two years. I canpay sixmonths in advance,on that you havethe site online in two months. It would be difficult for meto increasemy order unlessyou guaranteedthe pricefor two years. IJ Work with a partner to negotiate the following situations. Changeroles for the second negotiation.

You have to give a presentation to the sales team tomorrow morning, but you booked an important client meeting at the same time.

Ask B to give the presentation for you. This is the second time this has happened in two months. You think A should be more organized, so if you agree, negotiate something valuable in return.

You have to work with an auditor on Friday afternoon, but your boss has booked you on an all-day training course. Ask B to look after the auditor for you. You were planning to take Friday afternoon off as you are going away for the weekend, so if you agree, negotiate something valuable in return.

Usethe following format to structure your negotiations: StudentA Student B Ask a favour. Make a tentative offer. Make a firm offer. Agree, go back to the beginning or break off negotiations. Pronunciation o Stressingkeywords is important in making clearthat your first offers are tentative and hypothetical. Underline the two keywords that are stressedin eachof these examples. Negotiating D With a partner, practise negotiating an e-tailing package.

Harry needs to hire a new provider. This time he is determined to negotiate a contract which will protect his business if there are problems. Harry has asked you to negotiate with another supplier, Easytail.

He has given you a list of points to negotiate below. Model o Read the 1 2 3 4 proposal below and answer the questions. What service does the proposal offer? Which four benefits does it offer? How much does the service cost?

Why should the customer choose this provider? Dear Mr Bellows, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me by telephone today. Yourwebsite currently generates five to ten orders per day. You expect this ro increase steadily with the introduction of a new range of products. You are looking for a flexible, inexpensive and transparent payment system which will allow you [0 deal direcclywith your customers and control your cash flow.

We recommend the PZpay Pro small business merchant account, which can process up to 75 orders per day. If your salesvolume were to expand more quickly than anticipated, you would be able to upgrade to PZpay Corporate with no additional set-up fee.

PZpay Pro will gain prestige and respect for your e-business, since customers will make their credit card payments directly on your website. PZpay"is totally rransparenr, giving you total control of your sales, cash-flow and administration fees.

OUf charges are amongst the lowest on the market, meaning that your business will be more profitable from day one. We provide everything you need to set up PZpay on your website within 48 hours.

Should you however encounter any difficulties, our helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. With more than 1, satisfied members in 26 countries, PZpay is the fastest-growing merchant account provider on the Web.

I will be happy to put you in touch with other PZpay users in your region. You will find full details of our terms and conditions in the attached quotation. We look forward to having you as a member: If you have further questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Sincerelyyours, Clemmie A Buckton Internet researc h Search for the keywords how to write direct mail to find out more about writing to sell. Analysis D Read the proposal again and number these sections in the order they appear in the proposal. State the options you recommend, and any contingency plans. Sell your solution by pointing out its advantages for the customer.

Refer to previous contact with your customer, state the purpose and contents of the document and summarize the objective of the proposal. Encourage the customer to take the next step. Justify your ability to do the job. Explain procedures, lead time and after-sales service. Give a breakdown of the investment, or refer to a separate quotation. Language focus II Your small business designs and builds multimedia websites.

Invent any details as necessary. What do you think are the advantages of suchsales incentive programs? Are there any disadvantages? Reading o Readthe memo and answer the questions. Is this the first time the company has organized such a trip?

When and why was the memo sent? Ashton Pharmaceuticals - Memo To: All sales reps Re: Incentive trip Just a quick reminder that our top ten performers will win an all-expenses paid hoLidayfor two in the sun.

Hold a vote to see which incentives the class find most motivating. Mark these statements T true or F false , and say why. Malcolm and Loretta are going on the trip. There will be between 22 and 26 participants.

Malcolm hopes to stay in Antigua for ten nights. When you have finished negotiations. What conflicts of interest are there between the different groups? Their Credo, first written in , has been a model for corporate social responsibility CSR potlcles for over 60 years. Our Credo We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.

In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Our suppliers and distributors must have an opportunity to make a fair profit. Everyone must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Compensation must be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe.

We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfil their family responsibilities. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We must provide competent management, and their actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, 30 protecting the environment and natural resources. Business must make a sound profit.

We must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed and mistakes paid for. New equipment must be purchased, new facilities provided and new products launched. Reserves must be created to provide for adverse times. When we operate according to these principles, the stockholders should realize a fair return. Internet researc h Search for the keywords Sterbucks" bean stock and Starbucks standards business conduct or CSR to find out more about the social performance of other companies.

Part 2 Listen to Part 2 and delete one incorrect item in italics from each statement. Listen again and complete the summary. In this way, Beach Hut has built a 6 customer-base despite a very 7 business environment. Customers value the fact that Beach Hut has a 8 strategy of building 9 businesses, not just looking for quick profits from a 10 model. Discussion iii With a partner, discuss your reactions to these quotes from the interview: Adjectives D Match the adjectives in bold in the article with the definitions below.

And unfortunately, business people and companies are not always as reliable or as trustworthy as we would like. Product descriptions are frequently not as accurate as they could be, for example when listing ingredients used in foodstuffs.

Service is not always as prompt as we expect, even in so-called fast-food restaurants. But it is perhaps in the world of advertising where ethical standards seem to be the most elastic. Advertisements are frequently deceptive and often confusing or deliberately misleading, sometimes making extravagant promises. No doubt advertisers are neither more dishonest nor any less altruistic than the rest of us; they do not often make obviously false claims.

But above and beyond that requirement, they have a moral duty to 6 standards of common decency. This means for example 7 human dignity when there are problems, and 8 merit when staff perform especially well.

List the most important ones. After the crisis has passed, management should allow sufficient time to 11 a settlement which will satisfy all parties and 12 the victims properly. Discussion o Work in pairs or small groups.

If a company wants to be ethical and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, what specific practicesand policies do you suggest this could involve in the following departments and areasof the business? He said he had finished. Taketurns to be the spokesperson. Use active verbs to specify who is responsible and give your accusations more impact.

Salary increases promised, but still not paid. Redundancies anticipated, plans for compensation? Local suppliers paid very late, sometimes never paid. Enormous salaries paid to managers, but no investment in local community. Child labour used by suppliers. Local company taxes not paid. Pension fund used to buy Chinese competitor, nothing left to pay future retirees. Factory could be relocated to Eastern Europe to cut costs. Use the passive to avoid saying Who is responsible.

Reported speech o With your books closed, try to remember as much as possible of what the spokespersonsaid. Tell a partner what was said. D Read the three extracts from newspaper reports. Then say who made the 12 statements below and explain how you know this. What phrases helped you? Speaking to our reporter on the spot, Ms Gronkoexplained that all villagers forced to leavetheir homes by the new road would be compensated. Askedto what level, she replied that she was unable to give a figure, but added that discussions were being held with local representatives.

Employees claimed that health and safety regulations had not been applied for the last five years, and that several fatal accidents had occurred.

Plazachem management declined to comment. Asked how the company intended to compensate the victims of the accident, Mr Sanchez answered that no decision had yet been reached. Emphasizing the complexity of the legal situation, he suggested negotiations may be protracted. Listen to six extracts from a conversation between Geoffrey Bullard.

For each extract, decide how Leila reported to the mayor. D Explain these formal announcements to a foreign visitor in informal language. Glossary leakage protracted stakeholder PAGE 1 Protective glasses must be worn beyond this point.

You have to wear special protective glassesfrom this point onwards. S All meetings are transferred to the training centre during redecoration of the conference room. Then listen again and check your answers. I agree up to a but Do we all on that, then? The next on the agenda is Can we to the agenda? Perhaps we should for coffee. Internet researc h What are the essentials of a successful meeting? Search for the keywords golden rules of meetings to find out. D With a partner, hold short meetings on the four issuesbelow.

Follow the structure provided. Taketurns being A and B. One of your suppliers uses child labour in Vietnam. What should you do? Advertisements for your product show only slim, beautiful people. Ethnic minorities and the disabled are under-represented in your firm.

What can you do? Student B Student A Givean opinion. I ow watch the video for this unit. Hold a management meeting to decide what to do in the following casesof employee misconduct in your company. For each case,discussthe following.

In return, he ordered extra stock at higher than averageprices. Marieta Myska, a sales manager,obtained confidential information about government contracts by havinga relationship with a civil servant. JosephFisher, a project manager,used company resources and equipment to run a club for disabled children at weekends.

Readthe report which Mirratec sent to Head Office, and the minutes of a management committee meeting at Head Office, and answer the questions. As a rule, group policy is to give encouragementbut only limited financial support to such community projects. Moreover,it was felt that employee involvement in the project would bring substantial benefits in terms of motivation and job satisfaction.

Naturally,the project will require a high level of commitment from our staff in order to complete all stages on time, and it is hoped that department managers will be able to reduce staff workloads for the duration of the project.

It is expected that an ongoing close relationship with the community will have a positive effect on two strategic areas of our development,namely expansion of our manufacturing facilities and recruitment of our workforce locally. Minutes of the Management Committee meeting, 15 April Attendees: IN reported that the plan had been favourably received at head office.

Consequently, IN felt that they should go ahead. IC agreed that it was important to improve public relations, but emphasised the risks involved for production, for example, absenteeism and quality issues.

She claimed that the project could become an excuse to take time off work, especially during the construction phase in the summer, CT reminded the meeting that only a small number of employees would be concerned.

Obviously department managers would organize cover for any absences. In other words, production should not be affected. Furthermore, managers of other departments were very happy with the project on the whole.

In brief, he suggested that the benefits in developing team spirit were clearly far greater than any potential risk to productivity. Finally,it was agreed that the project should be approved. Write a short report on your findings, using some of the linking words you studied in this module. D Read the quotes below and answer the questions: Language focus D Read the report and the minutes again.

Underline the linking words and complete the table. Function Linking words Addition besides,mo Conclusion lastly, in c Consequence so, therefore, c Contrast but, h Equivalence that is to say,n ,in Example for instance,s as,f Generalization in most cases,as a Highlighting mainly, chiefly, in p Stating the obvious of course, n Summary to sum up, 0 o Replace the inappropriate , fur , in ad ,f ,e w 0 e ,on the w , es ,ob , cl , in b linking words in bold with a better choice from Exercise4.

Josiah Wedgwood was a pioneer in social responsibility, building a village for his workforce in For instance, his products combined technology with classical culture.

More than a century later, George Cadbury developed social housing for his chocolate factory workers. Both men were pioneers of corporate social responsibility. Overall, they were also accused of paternalism. Today, sustainable development policies aim to manage the effects of business on employees, the community, and, on the whole, on the environment.

Multinationals like Shell are focusing on the idea of being good neighbours, naturally, by consulting local stakeholders before beginning new projects which may affect them. Then, with a partner, write a short summary of the discussion and decisions made. Use the minutes format on the opposite page. Reading o Read the. Internet page about Phoenix and answer the questions. We take special care to ensure that hazardous materials and toxic substances are processed safely and securely with minimum risk to the environment or the population.

At all our recycling centres across Australia, we believe in being good neighbours. We believe it is our duty to treat customers, employees and suppliers fairly, to respect the local environment and to be involved in community causes. Roleplay preparation Divide into three groups: Use the Exercisesopposite 3, 4 and 5 to gather information for your group, in preparation for a public meeting Exercise6 to discuss the choice of site for a new recycling centre in Port Katherine.

You will need to make a presentation at the meeting summarizing your views, stating which site you prefer and why, and explaining why the other sites are not appropriate. You should also be prepared to ask the other groups questions, and argue against their proposals if they conflict with your interests. Group C - Phoenix: Talk about his arrangements, plans, and intentions for next week.

Be careful to use appropriate future forms. Grammar and practice page Day off work I Sleep late, breakfast at Starbucks?

Big match on TV; order pizza, invite Drive car to garage for service. Grammar and practice page Wednesday No meetings. Book nice restaurant, buy flowers! Paperwork, prepare for Thurs, etc. Taxito office, meeting NB if Thursday successful. Call Ashley if dinner went well. Read newspapers Must phone Mum! I Lunch at The Tree table booked lAsk customer about needs for next year. Go for walk with Ashley or Kelly?

I If rain, cinema? Expressing likelihood D In small groups, take turns to make predictions about the things below. Use expressions from the table opposite to evaluate the probability of your predictions actually happening. I think Brazil will win the World Cup. Spain are much stronger! Choose a column each, A, B or C. Prepare a oneminute presentation discussing the likelihood of each event happening by Using the expressions from Exercise 3 again and take turns to present your views, answer questions and defend your ideas.

A B c Everyonewill work from home. Everyonewill go back to university every ten years. Nobody will work more than three days a week. There will be a single world currency. Mobile cities will be built on the oceans. Virtual offices will be accessiblefrom anywhere in the world. There will be hotels and conference centres on the moon. The majority of senior managerswill be women. Chinesewill be the language of business. Discussion II With a partner, discuss your plans, intentions and hopes for the future.

What mistakes are they making? Match extracts with the tips for effective presentations a-d below. D b Too many visuals confuse the audience: D Listening for detail o: Which of the three slides a, b, or c below is the presenter describing? Find out about current trends in vertical integration in the music, drinks or TV ndustries. Highlighting Asthe graph shows, Asyou will mark I notice I remark in the pie-chart, Asyou can perceive I see!

Iook, after a merger Explainingand interpreting Thefigures seemto recommend! Thisis because I resulting! The resultsinvolve I indicate I interpret that retailers. Thisisthe result J reason J record of improved product quality Americans spend their income.

In small groups, present your charts using the framework below. Highlight points of interest. Interpret what your chart says about you and your lifestyle.

Repeat points for your second chart, and contrast the second chart with the first. Presentation o Work in groups of three. Your company, which manufactures tennis racquets, is looking for Glossary PAGE crucial deteriorate disposableincome highlight overload a suitable takeover target in order to diversify and accelerate growth.

Eachperson will present one company: Presentation slides Discussion o Decide which two of the following you would not expect to find in a presentation slide.

Which is the best way of presenting and why? Analysis D Compare slides A and B. Which words have been retained and what kind of words have been deleted in slide B?

Language focus II Underline the key words in each extract to include on a slide about writing presentations.

Then reduce each point to six to eight words. One of the most challenging aspects of writing a presentation is the need to organize the information in a logical way.

Be creative, but do not include too many effects which may distract your audience from your content. Also, use a standard font that is not too complicated or distracting.

OW"first option is to do nothing: Our second option is to borrow money to invest in new technologies in order, hopefully, to develop new, high-margin products for our existing customers, and for new markets. The third and final scenario is to launch a takeover bid to acquire Iticom, who already have the technology we need to enter those new markets immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen, after carefully considering all the options, it is this third scenario which Iintend to recommend.

It is, of course, a high-risk scenario, but it is a scenario which holds enormous potential for our company. Take notes on the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats the speaker has identified, and his proposal. Then write slides to illustrate the presentation. Exchangeslides with a partner and give each other feedback. This one gives a breakdown by sector.

This next slide highlights the probable effect on company performance. And this one, this one and now this third slide show how share prices will fall.

B Now, the next slide shows some very interesting data. Errn, customer satisfaction by sector: My next slide shows two charts which illustrate the problem. Recently, customers of large Spanish companies were asked if they felt that prices and service had improved, remained the same or deteriorated as a result of a merger. As you will notice in the piechart, only a third of customers noticed an improvement, compared to almost half who said that things had got worse.

As you can see, after a merger, customer satisfaction falls by an average of almost nine per cent in the retail sector, whereas it remains about the same in the service and financial sector, and rises by five per cent on average for manufacturing companies.

The figures seem to suggest that, on the whole, customers are always likely to react negatively to mergers. This is due to a perceived drop in levels of service after a merger.

The results indicate that retailers, where service is crucial to customer satisfaction, are particularly affected, as opposed to manufacturers, who benefit from mergers. Of course, this is the result of improved product quality and design. If anything is not clear, please feel free to interrupt me. Galway Software has a reputation for innovation and quality in developing highly-specialized customer applications. We are able to provide excellent service thanks to our small team of expert engineers and developers.

However, there are also a number of weaknesses which must be considered. The first, small weakness is office space. The second, more significant weakness is costs. As this graph shows, our development costs have risen steadily, whereas market prices are falling. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain our profit margins. The principal explanation for these high costs is the high salaries we have to pay to attract experienced developers.

A third, associated problem is Recordings recruitment: This brings me to perhaps the most significant weakness, and a problem which I want to come back to in a few moments when 1 talk about threats, and that is our size. As a small company in II very specific niche market, we are vulnerable. If things went wrong with just a few of our big customers, we could have serious difficulties.

In particular, new technologies and a changing world economy arc opening up exciting ways of re-thinking our business activities. For example, the new member states of the European Union in Eastern Europe have excellent schools and universities: Another possibility is to do part of our development work offshore, in countries like India where labour costs are significantly lower than in Europe.

Last, but certainly not least, we must look at opportunities in our own industry: Many firms are forming alliances or launching takeover bids in order to exploit synergies, to make economies of scale and to diversify into new market segments.

I believe these are opportunities we should not ignore and I will be making a specific recommendation in the last part of my presentation.

I want now to explain why one of the opportunities [ have just described is also a serious threat. And finally, to look at threats: It is only a matter of time before a big international firm comes knocking at the door with its cheque book open Unless we move first. In the last part of this presentation, I am going to recommend that Galway Software should itself launch a takeover bid.

There are many good reasons for this. Firstly, external growth with a reasonable amount of debt will make us less vulnerable. Secondly, a takeover will allow us to diversify into new markets, to expand our customer base and spread our risks, and to make economies of scale.

And thirdly, the ideal candidate, Oranmore Video Games, which is based just 20 miles away, currently has more developers than it needs, and has a lot of unused office space.

As you know, this year Calista has lost one point five million dollars. Obviously this situation cannot continue. Unless we take action now, we will go out of business next year. We have several options to consider. Our first option is to adopt the same strategy as [MM. However, they have achieved this by ruthlessly cutting jobs: Here at Calisto we have a long tradition of looking after our staff, and I do not wish to choose this option unless there is no other alternative.

However, we estimate that this investment would increase our operating expenses by half a million dollars a year. A third option is to cut our prices in order to increase sales. However, our cost of sales would increase to just under nine million dollars. My friends, there are three more options which 1 have not yet discussed with you, but which r would like you to consider carefully. Option number four is a merger. IMM have offered us three million dollars, which, Lll view of our desperate situation, is a very reasonable offer.

If we agreed to a merger with IMM, the new company would be the new market leader, and be in a far better position to compete with Dylan. However, there would no doubt be some redundancies in order to make economies of scale. This is a high-risk strategy, but we must consider all possible solutions. In order to compete with Dylan, we need to be bigger; one way to obtain that critical size is by acquisition.

Our fifth option is to acquire Reysonido. Reysonido are likely to accept a takeover bid of around four million dollars. As well as synergy and economies of scale, this acquisition would also give us another bonus: Of course, we would need to borrow the money, and the repayments would represent around half a million dollars per year over ten years: The final option is one which I sincerely hope you will not choose.

That is, to close the company, and sell off our assets to pay our debts. I have kept it until last in order to stress that it is a serious option. Аудиоматериалы Книги для учащегося The Business 2. Современные технологии в обучении английскому языку: Плеханова - Программа англ.

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